CUTEST SWIM under $50!

I miss living near the ocean and justifying every reason to buy a new swimsuit. That’s the one thing Colorado unfortunately doesn’t have.. an ocean. Within the next 2-3 years I want to live near the ocean again.

Living vicariously through all you beach bums this summer!

I linked a few of my favorite suits below all under $50!


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How to Incorporate "Sustainability" in Your Shopping

Fashion is unfortunately an industry which contributes mass amounts of pollution to our Earth.

There is not a way to avoid the fashion industry or clothing as a whole..(at least not for me) but we can choose to be more of a conscious consumer.

I’ve listed a few ways I have found that are easy for me to use while still staying true to my personal style and buying taste.

Re-usable Shopping Bags or No Bags at All.

Get in the habit of saying “no” when the store cashier asks if you need a bag. Let’s all make a conscious effort to use reusable bags or no bags at all.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 3.25.48 PM.png

Aim towards having a minimalistic closet. As I’ve gotten older I am able to pinpoint more and more of an exact style while still branching out and trying new trends. That being said I still have minimal pieces I wear at least every week. Invest in pieces that will last you a long time and can go with multiple outfits. For me that is denim and shoes.

Thrift shopping or second hand shopping. This one is a no brainer. But obviously it’s always good to incorporate “hand me down” or secondhand pieces in your closet. There are some GEMS I have found during my times at Goodwill.

Every time you buy something new get rid of something that is collecting “dust” in your closet.There are people out there that would put the clothing you don’t wear anymore to good use. This is an easy way to make sure you are using the majority of things in your closet and not overly buying things that either you already have or don’t really need. I keep a list on my phone of “wants”. These “wants” are items I feel like I need in my closet but that I have time to think about or wait til it goes on sale. This list helps me purchase less impulsively and ultimately save more money. My virtual closet is a way I also save and track upcoming purchases that I want to make. Shop my closet here.


I hope you liked this post and that it inspired you in some way.

talk soon. x

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5 Pieces You NEED To Spice Up Your Closet

Since graduating college and transitioning into the professional world, I’ve decided to INVEST in my wardrobe. This means purchasing pieces I know will only accentuate my style and that I’ll be able to wear for years. It’s amazing because now that I’ve invested in pieces like these, I find myself purchasing less and less clothing items each month! I’ve also found that I am more thoughtful with my purchases and always try to look for the best deal.

Below, I’ve listed 5 Wardrobe Pieces that I believe everyone needs to spice up their closet, as well as some of my fave picks!!

A versatile jacket

cute n comfy pair of kicks

the perfect pair of shades

A stylish hat for those bad hair days

everyday jewelry


Let’s do this thing! Where you can find me..

building a brand/blog



The first thing to do if you’ve thought about building a blog for a while is to START. You never know if you don’t try! The two best platforms to build a website in my opinion are Squarespace or Wordpress. I’ve been using Squarespace for years. Squarespace has plenty of templates to choose from, all which are easy to manage and personalize.


Maybe it’s just me, but you don’t need fancy photo stuff (Lightroom, Photoshop a DSLR etc or a photographer) to start. Honestly half my IG/blog photos are shot on my iPhone with self timer or my mom helps me shoot them. I edit every single one of my photos with VSCO or just iPhoto filters and add a little grainnn. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

developing a style

If you’ve been following me for a while now you might remember my og Instagram theme was everything pink. Looking back I CRINGE now.. but it helped me develop a style and a following. I like to think I’ve improved since then.. haha. But over the years I’ve come to realize people follow me because they like my style whether it is my outfits, photography or me as a hooman?? IDK just be true to you and create what you want and people will choose to follow if they vibe with ya. Insta algorithm is messed up these days so honestly I’ve just been posting whatever the heck I want.. and it seems to be working???

working with brands

I always say everything is just an email away. If there is a company or brand you’d love to work with/promote why not shoot them an email? All email addresses you can find under the contact or about section on most websites. Typically starting out companies will send you product for free to promote. It takes a longgg while to start getting compensated for blog and Instagram posts.. trust me. But.. when you do start to it’s amazing. I can do a blog post on that later if you all want!!

This post is just about getting started. There are an abundant of things I could ramble on about (Reward Style, Commission links, Sponsorships etc..) so if you guys want me to talk more in depth about this world please let me know!!

But let’s be honest I’m just winging it and learning something new every damn day.

hope you guys liked this.

talk soon xx


5 Brands to Love That Don't Kick the Planet

  1. Reformation

  2. Revice Denim

  3. Prana

  4. & Again Denim

  5. Free Bella Swim

Being trendy doesn’t have to kick the planet. The problem is, fashion is the world’s third largest polluting industry in the world. The truth is, society as a whole isn't just going to stop shopping and stop with fashion entirely, but.. we can choose to be more of a conscious consumer. Check out my five favorite brands that I love not only because they are sustainable and use fair practices, but have the cutest stuff too!!

above: wearing Free Bella Swim and thrifted denim