weekend in st pete w/ my hoomans

last weekend I went back to Eckerd College for my alumni weekend.. umm HOW am I already and alum.. and how have I almost been out of college for a YEAR?! holy heck. I had the best weekend. It was great being back with the people who made my college experience so great. As cheesy as it sounds time just melts away when we all get together. I love these ppl. Until next time chickens! btw my phone was dead for 70% of the trip so these are all the pics I got. :D xx


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27.7159° N, 82.6882° W

eckerd college, st pete, fl 

These coordinates are of a place once so foreign that now a feels more like home then my hometown ever did. It's of a place somewhere that I know all the ins and outs of, all the best food places, professors and fastest ways to class. These coordinates are my college, Eckerd College that I am so lucky to call home and to have found a home in.  Saying yes to an unknown place with unknown people 4,000 miles away from the comfort of home is one of the most terrifying things to do. But I am so grateful for the leap I chose to take. It led me to a place that makes my heart so happy, fills me with gratitude with people that get me and make me laugh so hard it that physically hurts. I hope a happiness like this can be found in every phase of my life. 


 Bali indonesia (ubud & canggu),

our trip to bali was A trip of a lifetime. one that consisted of acai bowls, surfing. happy hours. moped rides. bintang and a uv index everyday of 11. 

San Francisco

San Francisco. California 

I turned 21 this year, on august 21st. It was my golden birthday and such a special one! one i've been waiting for my entire life. i celebrated with my fam in san francisco. a city i've always dreamed of going to.