hello 2019

honestly as I’ve gotten older New Years has become one of my fave holidays (can’t ever top Thanksgiving let’s be honest !! ).

It’s a beautiful thing I believe, to be able to say goodbye to things in the past year that no longer serve you and hello to new & exciting things in the future.

My mom is a huge advocate for goal setting and every year she has always encouraged us (my brothers and I) to manifest what we dream to.

My parents have never pressured us into “realistic” career. For example..

Max is currently working towards being a full-time actor (follow him and check out his hilarious IG vids) and Charles is a college hockey player whose work ethic, passion and drive will lead him far in his hockey career.

I know people proabably don’t give a flying funk about my New Years goals.. but I need to write them here and publish them so it’s out in the world and I can stick to them. Keeping it to 5 this year.

  • travel to 3 new places (in or out of the country)

I’ve got a massive list of places I want to travel too, so really the options are endless.

  • read more.. like wtf

now that I’m out of college & I have time to read.. and it doesn’t have to be a boring textbook I really have no excuse not to pleasure read. I’m aiming to read a book a month this year.

  • healthy living

typical yes. but obviously it’s important to eat healthy and take care of the body. I want to workout at least 3 times a week and pay attention of what I am eating and fueling my body with.

  • grow my brand/business

I love creating for companies and working along side brands I feel passionate about . This year I want to expand my brand and blog audience as well as work with a multitude of rad brands. My main goal being working for myself full-time through this platform.

  • put your phone down

As much as I’m grateful for it.. my work is more and more managed solely through my phone and laptop. I want to monitor the time spent on my phone when I’m not working and place it somewhere when I don’t need it where it’s out of sight out of mind.


cheers to the NEW YEAR!


hello 2019