Hello my lovely blog readers! <3

A lot of newness in my life happening up in here. If you are an avid reader of my blog first off, I appreciate you. second off you’ll probably notice I haven’t posted in a bit. Why might you ask.. ?? I’ve been livin.. but also I’ve been super stressed to be honest. It’s been a fun yet poor girl summer. :)

I was full-time freelancing this summer and as rewarding as it is.. sometimes people are shitty and don’t pay correctly or at all.. which we can all agree is fucked. So.. I’ve lived and learned when it comes to business ventures and always making sure there is some sort of written contract in place.. anywaysss I’m a firm believer everything happens for a reason and one thing always leads to another better thing, as on this earth we are always evolving.

Speaking of evolving.. my mom and I started a PODCAST?! Whaaattt. If you haven’t listened yet go listen I’d love you forever. It’s fun and rewarding having a voice behind the filtered life of Instagram and blogging. In addition to starting this new podcast I also started a new job working for Aritzia a company I love that fits my exact style and “brand.” It’s been fun and good to be around inspiring and fashionable people again! If you haven’t heard of Aritzia do yourself a favor and check out their stuff. You. are. welcome.

Oh! I also turned 23! You know when some years seem to fly by .. this one didn't lol. This was a longgg year of me figuring out what the hell I’m doing with my life after graduating college. For anyone out there, the first year out of college is a confusing one.. so my advice.. just trust in the timing of your life and know everything does eventually work in your favor.

Alrighty.. It’s late and I’m sick with a bad cold and need some serious zzzz’s.

Talk soon and in the meantime follow and listen to us on WHAT’S YOUR TAKE pod!