the comfiest t-shirt's

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Obsessed is an understatement when I talk about these tee's. Seriously. So comfy and cute. Paige and I had the best time shooting for Vayne Lifestyle. Plus it was the first shoot together of the New Year for us because we were apart for six weeks due to winter break and school trips. And..let me tell ya six weeks is FAR too long and it's good to be back with my partner in crime. Also just a little disclaimer but in no way am I promoting beer or drinking by wearing this shirt (don't worry mom)..that's not my blog's vibe at all. I love promoting small businesses and I think the shirt went well with Paige's "Mondaze" shirt. can I resist the comfort this shirt brings! Also funny story but when Paige was filling up gas at the station I was taking a pic of her bc I thought it was artsy, she looked cute, great lighting..blah blah and this lady literally rolled her eyes at us and mumbled "are you kidding" under her breath. And it's funny because I used to care so much what people thought when we were doing shoots but now I could literally care less. P and I are doing what we love so why does anyone's approval doesn't. Basically what I'm trying to say is do what you love in life and don't wait for anyone's approval. That being said we are very lucky to have such incredible friends here at college who are SO supportive of our passion and it means the world to P and I, seriously!! You know who you are pals and we adore ya! I strive to surround myself with postive supportive beings and let me tell ya it makes a HUGE difference. I don't do negativity and you shouldn't either. 

Idk if this is a rant or mumble jumble..but if you've read this far..bless you! 

x- Maggie 

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