5 ways to have a better morning

If you are anything like me..mornings are rough! Here are 5 ways I've found to make mornings a little more bearable. 



One of my favorite foods to make for breakfast is a smoothie bowl. All you need is frozen fruit, orange juice, a blender and toppings (granola, honey and chocolate chips). Smoothie bowls are super yummy and very healthy! 


2) Avoid reaching right for your phone or laptop.

Looking at a bright screen right when you wake up can be harsh on the eyes. I've found mornings go a lot smoother when your time isn't wasted scrolling through social media. Take at least 30 mins to slowly wake up. 


3) Green Tea

Start your morning off right by making your self a hot cup of green tea with honey. Green Tea has so many benefits and boosts your metabolism! 


4)  Make a to-do list for the day.

Making a to-do list will help you feel more organized for the day ahead.


5) Make your bed 



Whenever I make my bed in the morning I automatically feel less stressed and my life feels less cluttered! It's such a simple task but can make a huge difference with your mood. 


Here are some tees that I absolutely love and are similar to the one I am wearing. 


Thank you for reading! I hope these 5 things will help you have a better morning! 

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xo- Maggie