3 quick and easy hairstyles for a bad hair day

If you are anything like me..bad hair days come way too often especially as a college student with little sleep and barely any time to get ready in the morning! Below I shared three of my go to hairstyles that show effort..when in reality they take 10 seconds. Not kidding! 




Loose low bun- Gather hair in a loose low ponytail. Loop around once in a low bun. Finish off with a hair-tie. Optional: Take out pieces around the face to make it looser and messier. 

Hat: Bad hair day? Put on a cute baseball cap. Below are links to some of my favorites.

Loose fishtail braid: Once you get the hang of fishtail braids they don't take long! Here is the YouTube video of how I learned how to fishtail braid. 

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