let's talk about social media !

In high school social media would overwhelm me. I would constantly compare my life to other people's lives via social media. This is not ideal. Because in reality people only put out "the good stuff" on their Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. Social media is a highlight of one's life. I often get comments from people saying how they love my Instagram and the pictures I take. Don't get me wrong..positive comments like this keep me going and inspire me to take more photos and update my blog more, but I never want a follower to think my life is perfect and feel that their "life isn't good enough." What I put out on social media is only a tiny glimpse of my life. Trust me I have so many imperfections and non-picture worthy moments!  For me, Instagram is my way to share my pictures and is a form of art. I love to enhance the pretty moments of life and inspire others.  I found that once I un-followed accounts that made me feel bad about my appearance, image and body, I noticed my confidence had immediately improved.  Today, I challenge you to only follow Instagram accounts that inspire you and make you want to experience more of life's incredible moments each day. 

I am so grateful for each and every one of you who stop by my blog. You truly keep me going. 

xo- Maggie