let's talk about photos !

One of the frequently asked questions I get from friends and followers is, what apps do I use to edit my photos/how do I edit my photos. I am no expert in any way, but I wanted to do this post because it was highly recommended and who doesn't love a pretty Instagram feed?! 

These are the apps that I use the most to edit my photos. The two that I use the most are VSCO Cam and Pic Fx. I rarely ever use the filters from Instagram because I personally don't like the way they make my photos look. 

So how did I get from the top picture to the bottom picture?

I turn "auto" fix on (pictured on the left) and I I make sure the color section is all the way up (pictured on the right). This makes it a brighter and a more aesthetically pleasing photo. 


In the app Pic Fx PFX 5 is my go to. It makes it bright and puts a smooth film on it. 


While.. in VSCO Cam I use pretty much all of the filters depending on the photo.


I'm obsessed with Instagram and I follow so many great photographers that inspire me daily. 

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Thanks for reading!