making a home away from home

Creating a comfy and personalized space is essential to me especially when being so far away from home. I find that adding personalized touches to my room help make it that much more cozy. There is nothing better than cozying up in my bed after a longgg day at school, work and dance. My dream catchers are one of my favorite pieces in my room. They are calming to me and I feel like they go with my style. Paige made one of the dream catchers hanging in my room and lent it to me because she said it goes with my room better than hers. My tapestry from Urban makes my set up lively while inspiring me to travel, take photos and get outside. I've had it since my freshman year and have no plan of getting rid of it anytime soon. I have always had a serious case of wanderlust and my world map from Society 6 reminds me to never lose sight of  that. It can get stressful being in college with pressures of what to do after graduation/what to do with my major/exams/papers etc..but even when looking at the map I can assure myself that with my desire to travel, creative mind and camera in hand, good things will come after graduation. I'm all about setting intentions. One thing I am certain about post- grad life is that I want to see the world, travel to an abundance of places and someway somehow have a career through it. Hey maybe I'm a too much of a dreamer..but I'm not the only one.. ;) speaking of bestie and partner in crime (pictured below) just made a blog..and is doing a similar post!..go check it out ~ APagebyPaige

xo- Maggie