denim high school daze

Stewart Field! Taking pics at this high school in St.Pete was meant to be. ;) 

Went "back to high school" with my college babes Friday night. Denim on denim is trending people! So jump on this trend because it's too much fun to miss out on!

I've had this idea in my mind now to do a denim/vintage shoot for a while now and it was so so much fun. I love seeing in my pictures true laughter and cheesy or silly as that sounds it's true. I always strive to capture the exact mood in my pictures! NO fakeness allowed. hehe 

We spent our shoot reminiscing our high school days..seems not that long ago..but it's been three years since I graduated from High School. Time freakin flies! Sometimes it is bittersweet thinking about the past...but man the future is so exciting and I'm so lucky to have supportive friends to venture through it with me. 


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