Thanksgiving in Colorado

Above: My mom made the cutest fall wreath before we came home! She's so crafty. 

Above: The picture I used for the Tostitos/NFL ad 

Above: The picture I used for the Tostitos/NFL ad 

 I had a short visit home to Colorado for Thanksgiving with the fam. I was asked to do an ad for Tostitos and the NFL of people playing football. I knew I wanted to use my two brothers (Max and Charles) for the shoot. They were such good sports as I was snapping away..and call me crazy but I think they actually may have enjoyed it. Hehe. :) So here are some extra pics I took during and after the shoot of the whole fam.  In the morning we went on a beautiful mountain walk with our doggie Gabby. The mountains are one of my favorite things when I come home in the winter. If you haven't ever been to Colorado you are missing out! It's a great state but maybe I'm just biased. Anyways, Thanksgiving truly is my favorite holiday and the perfect day to remind all of us how much we have in our life's that we should consistently be grateful for. 

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

xo- Maggie