lil life update

lil life update:

Hey babes (and bros)! Lately I've been brainstorming how to make my social media better and more beneficial to my followers and readers. So there are A LOT of exciting things coming. Andd.. to start it off I am doing a $30 Adidas giveaway on my Instagram as a thank you for everyone's support and kind words over the two + years that I've had my blog and my start with photography.  So.. if you haven't entered yet you can enter right here with that being said I decided that if you all are following me and my life, it just seems right to do a lil life update! I say "little" because noting TOO drastic is happening. Thank God. But..I do have a huge milestone coming up which is my 21st Birthday! I am turning 21 just in time for my senior year of college. I'm the baby out of all my friends so it's going to be SO nice to be able to hang. ;-) hehe. One of my bucket list items for 2017 was to travel to San Fran! I've never been and for some reason that city has always called my name. It's funny because when I was younger I always pictured my 21st in Vegas bar hopping and gambling etc....but I realize now that that is SO not me. Sooo.. my family surprised me with a trip to San Francisco. And honestly I can't think of anything better than traveling to San Fran with my fam to celebrate my 21 years of life. We leave tonight right after I graduate from my Internship. Which leads me to talking about what I've been up to this summer..I have been interning with Nordstrom this summer here at home in Denver, Colorado. And it has been nothing but amaze. It was a retail management internship and I learned SO much. 10/10 recommend to anyone wanting to work in the fashion + business industry. Nordstrom is a phenomenal company and I am so excited for any potential career opportunities that lie ahead! It's been A LOT of work soo my social life hasn't really been a thing this summer. But I am okay with that.. that's what senior year of college is for! (as well as finishing strong :-)) -- put that one in for mom reading this. ;-) Anyways, I've got to go pack..but if you are reading this far THANK YOU and I can't wait to bring all of you along to San Francisco and my life ahead. Being 20 has been rad and I am excited to see what the rest of my twenties bring. A huge thanks for following along and all of your support!! 
xx- Maggie 


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hey humans!

I had a lovely spring break traveling around Florida being a total beach bum with two of my best friends. We got lots of sun and laughed until our abs hurt. I needed this week break way more than I thought. It was nice to just CHILL with not a worry in the world.