27.7159° N, 82.6882° W

eckerd college, st pete, fl 

These coordinates are of a place once so foreign that now a feels more like home then my hometown ever did. It's of a place somewhere that I know all the ins and outs of, all the best food places, professors and fastest ways to class. These coordinates are my college, Eckerd College that I am so lucky to call home and to have found a home in.  Saying yes to an unknown place with unknown people 4,000 miles away from the comfort of home is one of the most terrifying things to do. But I am so grateful for the leap I chose to take. It led me to a place that makes my heart so happy, fills me with gratitude with people that get me and make me laugh so hard it that physically hurts. I hope a happiness like this can be found in every phase of my life.