a beginners guide to photography/starting an Instagram aesthetic

alright..so let's just start out by saying I am in no way shape or form an expert at photography.. or do I think I am.. cause I don't AT ALL. In fact I still am shocked when people ask for my advice with all this stuff. But..I get a lot of questions, inquiries and DM's about all things photography: editing software and camera(s) etc... So here's a little post I put together explaining all this stuff from my own experience and knowledge.


camera gear! 

The camera I use is a canon Rebel T3i

with my favorite lens being the 50 mm or "nifty fifty"


i also love using my iphone for scenery shots and further away pics or for my instagram stories.

iphone's really do have a good camera. 

If you are starting out with photography I would recommend in purchasing a point n shoot camera first rather than a Dslr. Dslr's can be an investment and you want to know you are serious about photography before investing in one.

here is the link to my first ever camera that helped me fall in love with photography. super easy to use too! 



I'm honestly not too fancy with my editing. I like lightroom and Photoshop.. but i really don't use them that much for my pics.

I like using my phone to edit all my pics. It's easy and straightforward and there are so many cool apps! 

the two photo apps that I use for every pic include...  


RnI Films



-my Favorite filters include M5 & A4

-The amount of Grain I put on a photo is usually always around 6.o

RNI FIlms 

I use this app for the "scratch" vintage effect on my pics.. 

how i organize my instagram feed 


THis app is AMAZING download it now! 






summer trends/faves

holy moly me oh my. there are so many summer trends that I'm obsessed with. 

Straw and gingham are the latest fads I've fallen in love with. Also.. can we get an AMEN for fanny packs coming into style..like fricken finally!! also.. I added one of my fave face masks from Anthro cause taking care of skin Never goes out of style!! 

I'm genuinely grateful for all who stumbled here! cool things coming so keep following along . xx - maggie

p.s .. all pics have shopable links!