Hello gal pals. It’s been a minute. Hope everyone is having a good day! It’s snowing here in Denver (fml) .. so I’m inside catching up on the blog and having a self care day. Heck I think I’m going to take a bath after I write this. Anywayss.. I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now.. but heck let’s be honest it’s taken me a while to start finding my own style.

I’ve found that finding your style isn’t something you finally one day just fully figure out and you wear the same exact outfits for the rest of your life. I’ve found that it’s about evolving being open to new trends and finding confidence in the pieces you choose to wear.

If I had to choose three words for my style it would be..

classic, femme and simple

I think fashion is one of the coolest forms of art. I get inspiration from a multitude of other bloggers, Pinterest Tumblr and people just walking on the street. Every once in a while look up from your phone and observe others around you. I’ve noticed so many trends by just observing.

Here are a few ways I’ve found that help me find my style and invest in the right pieces..

-Make fashion pic collages or inspo boards. I use photoshop but Pic Monkey is also a great option too.

- Write a list in your notes on your phone of different pieces you want to add to your closet. (ex: black pair of sunglasses, Doc Martens, oversized Sweaters etc..) Writing a list helps me not purchase impulsively.

-LookBooks. I frequently look at lookbooks online that different brands publish on their sites. Faithful the Brand has some incredible ones. Check their lookbooks out here.


I’ve found that as I’ve grown older I’ve started to invest in good quality pieces rather than buying a high quantity of fast fashion items. For me it’s all about investing in my wardrobe on pieces that will last me decades rather than ones I will just give to Goodwill the next season.

I hope you found this post somewhat inspiring or informative. Again.. style is an evolution and something that you figure out along the way. So be patient with yourself, don’t be afraid to try new trends and wear everything with confidence.

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it." — Edith Head.

"Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion.”—Alber Elbaz

"You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody. I’m not talking about lots of clothes.” —Diana Vreeland

Talk soon babes.