The New York Times, Get With The Times

I feel very honored to be partnering with the  @nytimes to promote the event “Get With the Times.” 
  This past Weds, April 17th the NY Times hosted a live event series for college students, dedicated to interviewing influential entrepreneurs and politicians. 
  I always love hearing the different stories of entrepreneurs. It’s reassuring to me to know every successful entrepreneur starts somewhere. This event was right up my alley. 
   I was asked to focus on Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit. Alexis Ohanian discussed what it takes to build a business, coding, crypto currency and his future business plans. He is such a cool, driven and hard working guy who isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Alexis is also married to Serena Williams.. so cool! Watch his interview here. 


How great is this bag??? I’ve been using it daily to load up all my stuff for the day before I go to a coffee shop to do work. Here is a link to some NYT swag for anyone interested. :)))


If you are reading this far you are a true hero. Just want to say that I’m currently taking a hiatus for posting on Instagram and am focusing on working on some cool content and gaining my inspiration and creativity back. I haven’t been feeling myself lately and have been in a creative rut. But thank you thank you for all who follow along and read my blog. Good things are coming and I am working hard on doing blogging and photography full time! Again I appreciate all the support and I promise good things are coming. This sponsorship def helped re gain my confidence in my creativity so thank you NYT and IHC. :))))


This is a sponsored post in partnership with The New York Times Get With The Times and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own.