q + a.

I get the random DM here and there about this or that. So here ya go.

q: how old are you?

a: 22

q: did you go to college? if so .. what was your major?

a: yes, I went to Eckerd College a small school right on the water in St. Pete, FL. A DREAM. I majored in International Business.

q: when did you start blogging/photography?

a: Soph year of college for fun but started getting really serious with it my senior year of college. :)

q: why did you move back to Colorado?

a: I grew up here and things just lined up so perfectly this past summer I couldn’t leave.. I’ve been able to grow a lot on my own and figure out what I want to do with my life. it’s also been so nice being around my family during this weird transition period from college grad to real life. Also Denver is a really cool city I’ve come to love even more.

q: who takes all your pics?

a: self timer boiii (and sometimes my cute mama). I’m honestly kinda uncomfy being in front of the camera when someone else is taking the pic or directing. I like doing self timer bc I don’t feel obligated to pay someone or return the favor etc and I can get the shot and move on with my day! .. Unless it’s Paige, I feel so comfortable in front of the camera when she’s shooting!

q: is this your full-time gig?

a: Nope. Right now I have a marketing job with a company called Next Gen, in addition I am currently helping rebrand and restart up my boss’ boutique @shoprockink. I love it and love being busy! My blog and IG are side hustle that also provide revenue. :)

q: “do you friends or fam think it’s weird you have a blog? I want to start one but am scared what people think of me…”

a: if they do they haven’t told me. sometimes people say annoying comments mocking my blog or something I posted on Instagram.. but it doesn't really phase me anymore. I don’t live my life to please others, and you shouldn’t either. :-)

q: I want to start a blog but where do I begin?? how do I even start??

a: I made and wrote an entire blog post on this because it’s my #1 faq. Read the post here.

q: dream career

a: this

q: what camera do you use?

a: Canon Rebel T3i

q: do you shoot film, what film camera do you use?

a: I also get this question a lot.. I don’t shoot film. I guess I just edit in a way that looks like it. I use a lot of grain and the app RNI Films.

q: have you ever considered doing a YouTube Channel and do vlogging?

a: Yes. It’s crossed my mind. Not now but maybe soon.. seems cool and I love documenting my life and moments that occur.. but also I think i’d feel weird filming myself. So we will see… never say never...

q: what/who inspires you?

a: my family. they are my biggest support system and we support each other always regardless of physical distance!