5 Favorite Places I've Traveled to In My 20's

    I’ve been very fortunate to travel to many places in the last two years, that have been on my bucket list for years now. Traveling is very therapeutic to me and something I never want to stop doing. There are SO many cool places I that want to see and photograph. I find I like to spend my money more on life experiences than material items. 
I’ve listed 5 of my (recent) favorite places in no particular order. 

San Francisco

   I traveled to San Francisco for my 21st golden bday with my fam. San Fran is eclectic and I loved every minute there! Some of my fave places we went to were: the Golden Gate Bridge, Height Street and the Painted Ladies (the Full House houses). View the San Fran photo collection here. 


   I traveled to Bali last January with three of my best friends. (Morgan, Paige and Spencer). We had a trip of a lifetime that consisted of sunshine, açaí bowls and surfing. We “stumbled” upon a small beach town called Canggu and couldn’t leave! It’s was the town for us and we were living in a dream. We didn’t want to leave.. I mean could you resist $15 massages, $5 surfing days and $3 poke bowls?! Sign me up. FOREVER. View my Bali photo collection here. 


   My cute mama and I traveled to France for my graduation present this summer. 
   We traveled to Paris, Lyon and Nice. We had lots of wine and the trip of a lifetime. Paris is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world and I would love to live there someday even if it’s just for a year. 
   Nice, France is right on the French Rivera and has amazing Italian influence.. as well as the best gelato and people dressed to the tens. My mom and I decided we MUST go back.. like this summer mom?? View the France photo collection here. 


   NYC might seem like a no brainer but man am I in LOVE with this city. Again another place I’d like to live someday.. Traveled to NYC twice with my bff Paige/fave travel buddy. She is just as obsessed with photography and fashion as I am and we couldn’t stop taking photos in NYC. 

LA/Santa Monica

      LA is a place of fashion, sunshine, dreamers and hard workers & I’m obsessed. View the whole LA post here with recs and places to go!