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about Maggie:

My name is Maggie Stewart. I'm 20 years old & I study International Business at a college on the Gulf Coast in Florida. I grew up in Denver, Colorado with my incredible fam including, my two brothers, Max (24) and Charles (18) and my lovely parents. I also have the sweetest cat, Chloe who I miss miserably when I'm at college. Dance has always been a huge part of my life and I currently am on my college's dance team.

about "Oh Maggie May:

"Oh Maggie May" is a creative outlet for me that has opened my eyes up to the photography and editorial fashion world. I can't express how grateful I am for all who follow and support my blog! It truly motivates me to keep promoting more, higher quality content. It feels like a dream come true, working with my favorite companies, taking loads of pics while still staying true to myself and style. 

about P + M:

Paige is my best friend, business partner and fellow blogger+photographer babe whom I met my sophomore year here at college. P and I are constantly going on shoots, editing photos, eating Thai Food, being total beach bums, playing with her sweet doggie Bodhi + brainstorming business ideas! We eventually want to travel the world for photography + run a business together. I have never met someone I work so well with. Go check out her Instagram and blog.